Happy 2024!  I wanted to write a little blog post on this cloudy January day about who I have been thinking about lately. I’ve been guiding sissies/crossdressers and feminization junkies for years. Between dishing out assignments, making audios, talking and counseling them – I have enjoyed every minute of it. Some sissies I have spoke to just outshine the rest.

Who is the Sissy of the Month, Mistress?

That would be sissy Lexi! Sissy Lexi has been a very good girl and this blog post is owed to her. She recently bought some audios and one of them was in an assignment format in which she has completed them and stuck with the program. Good job!  Not only that, we’ve been speaking for years and I’ve always appreciated her. She’s been very good at what she is doing and following all instructions. Thank you Lexi! I look forward to having you serve me!

I’ve enjoyed having her call and listen to instructions and we have been there for each for years!

Erotic Assignments in Erotic Audios

I do all kinds of erotic audios – but one of them that is recent are the assignment audios. That’s what Lexi has been following. I always verbalize on phone sessions what to do too, but audios are a good way to pop in your headphones and remember what I told you. That can also be coupled with trance as well!

What Has Mistress Cecilia Been Up To?

Besides trouble? I have been keeping up with my resolutions to be more naughty. The weather here the last few days has been cloudy and I’ve been here with my boyfriend coming in and out …. LOL. No pun. Well maybe. But you know what I mean. We’ve been having fun and snuggling up watching Netflix. And also having lots of sex.  Yup, that’s right cuckolds. I’ve been having a ton of fun having SEX SEX SEX. And more sex. and more kinky sex. And guess what? I haven’t been thinking of you with your tiny little dicks either.

When I’m not having sex, or running around having fun in the city I live in, I’m talking to you. I have so much fun taking calls from my bed, pool side or even my desk. I truly have a lot of fun hearing your stories, confessions, fantasies, wishes and just what situation you are currently in.

Old Audios

If we haven’t spoke before and you would like to check out my voice – that’s easy! Just go to the audio files on the pages above and you will find a bunch of audios I have recorded over the years. Sissy on A Plane is a good one that a lot of sissies really love. Blue Ball Blues is a song I wrote and sang and there is a lot there for anyone to enjoy. If you have an audio you’d like for me to record, send your script and I will take a look. I also add in music, if you wish, do trances, mantras, assignments, or, a fantasy if you have the script already written out to send. Just imagine my voice to your fantasy – it’s like it’s almost real!

Just check out our erotic audios and also pursue the store. If you search my name: Ms Cecilia, you’ll find ones that me and Ms Delia recorded and we have several that we did. They are there for you to enjoy! Be sure to check that out – but my voice is around the LDW empire for you to check out anytime.

Have a great 2024 everyone! I will hear from you soon.