Happy June! I have a birthday coming up soon so I’m excited to get my plans going for that which will involve cake, sex, more sex, wine….. you have to celebrate your life when and where you can. My guy is totally a submissive and loves to serve Me and it’s going to be a fun time. Speaking of, I usually get asked “How do I find a dominant woman?”

How to Find and Keep a Dominant Woman

I wish I could share with you that there is a secret location where all Mistresses hang out by the light of the moon and perform rituals, but it doesn’t quite work that way. Mistresses don’t walk around public streets wielding whips or wearing latex. Good for sexual fantasy, but often not reality unless you go to your local dungeon. Dominant women – in the way you’d like them to be – are likened to unicorns. But – I would say – a little omme is in MOST women in some shape or form. A lot of women have been programmed to be submissive but for the true Alpha females – we fought our way through that stereotype. True Mistresses are strong, intelligent and know how to communicate. We expect you to know how to communicate too. Just know when a woman has dominant characteristics – she could be a confident, strong woman, or it can be as simple as – “Get me a cup of coffee with cream”.  Even small things like this exhibit dominant female characteristics.

Learn to How to Communicate

Whether you are making a call into LDW to talk to one us, or you are wanting to establish an in-person relationship with a dominant woman – you need to communicate. Telling us to “control you” and leaving it at that is NOT ENOUGH. Dominant woman are alphas – if you make us work more than we need to, it’s not worth it to us. It’s a two-way street and a dance. You must know your dance moves and you must learn to give us details such as: “I love to be controlled in way that involves crossdressing, chastity, cock control and worshipping your body…”  or “I love to be told what to do in a way that has to do with CBT, or you tying me down and teasing my cock for hours on end”.  Even if you just give a subject matter like – feminization and dressing like a business woman – it’s better than “control me”.   Dominant women are intelligent and we don’t like one-word answers. Same applies in real life too. If you know how to communicate with a woman, She will get what She wants, and you will get what you want which is usually servitude on your behalf. We just like to know what kind of submissive you are and where your talents are. Leave the one-worded answers for alpha males of whom have their place in the world – just not in mine.

How to Communicate with Me in Erotic Phone Sex Domination

As long as you can carry on a decent conversation – we’ll get along just fine. Expecting me to read your mind won’t work. I know I have a lot of intelligent callers and fans, so this isn’t necessarily for you – but some that are new to me, now you know!  I am available on Skype of sexy texting sessions, if you’re looking for erotic audios, please supply a script or a general outline to me and look at the erotic audios site. I also do trance work – which helps to get you where you need to be as a submissive. Questions? Just ask. And COMMUNICATE!

Ms Cecilia