Q & A

I frequently get asked the same questions quite a bit, and what I want to do is address them in this post so that you can learn all about Me, and you might learn a bit about yourself along the way.

The first question I usually get asked is:

What are you into? What are your specialities?

Consider this equation: D(pb) + S = C

Plug this in: D = Domination, S = Submission, pb = pushing buttons, C = Control

I love pushing buttons. It’s really a mind thing. I love cock control. I love coerced feminization. I love fetish play. I love it all. However, if you really delve into the layers of all of this – what I am into is finding out what really gets YOU going so I can push those buttons. I liken the experience to pulling up a chair into your mind, lighting a cigarette and asking you all sorts of questions. Why? If I can find how to push your buttons like you are a lab rat in a cage, you do whatever I want. It’s that simple. It’s like coming on a big panel in your brain and I ask Myself: What does this button do? and I push it. You respond. You see, it’s all in the mind – and THAT’S what I want. Everything else – your cock, your soul, your dignity – it comes very easily after that.
So study My equation and theory. That’s all it is. Dance, monkey, dance

Ha ha.

What do you think of Me and My fetish, Mistress?

I have noticed that submissives are generally very intelligent little creatures. They want something MORE than the traditional vanilla sex call and (yawn) lifestyle. They want to be owned. They want their buttons pushed. They want someone just as brilliant (or even more brilliant) then themselves to tell them what to do. Generally, I find that many submissives tend to run their own business, tell their employees, children or wives what to do all day long. They come to Me to turn the tables on them and to relinquish their control to Me. It’s that simple.
Sometimes, a fetish is a lifelong process. It happened a long time ago and you’ll never shake it. So, you have to feed it, recognize and accept it. It’s part of who you are.
Dominants and Submissives see life in vivid surround-sound and technicolor. We don’t look at the world in black and white. I, Myself, am also a fetishist.
Do I think you’re a freak? Yes. But .. so am I in My own unique way. Welcome to the club, freak. Now entertain Me.

May I Cum?

That all depends on My mood, your behavior, the position of the sun, the lining of the stars, the fabric of the universe, the weather, the stock quota for the day. Basically, you never know what you’re going to get with Me.
Especially if you tell Me in the beginning of the call: I give My control to you, Mistress. I do enjoy those open-ended sessions because I play with you as a cat plays with her catch right before she eats it. Will I or won’t I? That is the question…

Are you a strict or sensual Mistress?

Well, well, that is a tough one to answer. First off, I’m not a strong believer in astrology, but they have to be doing something right. I am a Gemini. I have several sides to My personality. It really all has to do with what you bring out in Me. Do you have the sort of personality that makes Me strict? Or do you tap into My more sensual side? I’m quite multi-dimensional as a prismatic crystal. Shine the light on Me a certain way, I’ll give you a new shade of color.

Do you mind if I instant message you?

I am social, gregarious and generally friendly on the instant messenger. I’m quite approachable. I love to answer questions, and I am known to chit-chat a little on occassion. However, the instant messenger whilst I am working is a privledge for you, and don’t abuse it too much. I have it on whilst I take calls from you lechers, and I don’t always have time to hear about how many times you’re thinking of Me, or what color panties you changed into for the 5th time that day. I do block those who are trying to get their jollies off without calling Me. If you really, really must share an experience with Me, I’d rather you e-mail Me about it. Or, keep a blog and link it to Mine – I’ll read it and may even comment on it.

What do you do besides this for a job?

I am an artist. I do make-up professionally, I do graphic design and illustration. I even write on ocassion.

Do you get turned on whilst doing domination calls?

I have to admit that, yes, I have become turned on during some calls. There are calls that are so strong in connection that the phone lines could literally melt because the chemistry is THAT intense. If I talk to some whose buttons I pushed and I’m getting the control I love and want, yes, it sure as hell turns Me on.

Are you a prostitute?

I have had some very insolent questions like this before. I am not a prostitute, never thought of being a prostitute. I am a dominant, intelligent woman. You, however, will be the prostitute. Most sluts call ME to live out their fantasy of being a slut out on the streets. Asking Me this sort of question sheds light on your intelligence, and I’m not likely to give you any sort of answer – all you will hear is a *click* on the phone line, or get blocked on the messenger.

Hi, what’s up?

I get asked this on the phone and/or messenger on occasion. Which is perfectly fine, but I find it leads to nowhere and it’s one of those empty, airheaded questions leading down a road to idiot nation. If you are calling Me or messaging Me to ask what’s up, you must not understand the nature of what I do, or are clueless and not plugged in to the world of phone domination. I’m not your fuck-buddy or some bimbo on the other end here.

Is this just a job for you? (aka, Are you acting?)

I’m a professional, hence, I get paid for what I do – which is pushing your buttons. I LOVE My job. I love to talk with people and all their strange idiosyncracies, and it’s a lot of fun. This is one job that I love to wake up to and I love to entertain. I am not acting like I love it. I do love it. Digging into your mind and seeing what’s makes you tick is a dream come true for Me. It was either this or being an interrogator for the CIA. I didn’t go to enough school for the CIA, so I became a pro dominatrix. I’ve been described as intense, intelligent, down-to-earth, funny, teasing, bitch, sexy, easy to talk to, a humiliatrix …. and those all fit Me just fine.

Can we meet?

I have too many relationships on My end to meet anyone else. Think of Me as your Dominant Therapist. You wouldn’t meet your therapist or psychiatrist outside the realm of her office would you? You won’t get far with Me either.

What are your future plans in Domination?

Taking over the world and leading you by your cocks!

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the discussion here on this post. I will answer them.

You are dismissed sluts.

xoxoxox – Mistress Cecilia