About Mistress Cecilia

I am a Mistress who loves all things fetish.

I’m into controlling your mind, your cock, your idea of what it is to be a “man”. Want to explore the feminine side? I’ve a delectable menu to serve up to you of things I will have you do.

Guided masturbation, orgasm denial, chastity training and teasing are my skills in training and having fun with your unruly cock.

I also enjoy cuckolding, CFNM, body worship,  giantess fantasies, any type of roleplay, forced bisexuality and having girl talk with those who seek it.

Submissives are those who search out something outside this black and white canned world. I will push your submissive buttons until you twitch and ache.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not in the room. I’m only in the next room. But you can still hear Me and do what I say. I’m the Dominant force and spirit in your life.

I’m an artist of fantasy, of written word, of illustration.

It’s not just about whips and chains anymore.

This is the revolution of Domination.

mistress_cecilia_dominates on yahoo
MsCecilia05 on AOL

Calls are $2.99 a min/10 min. minimum.

18+ Adults only.