I’ve always been fascinated by spells and incantations. If something is not going the way you want, you change it. A spell to make someone fall in love with you, or, perhaps, a spell to change someone forever. I have many fantasies in mind when Halloween rolls around. It’s October 1 as I write this and the light is slowly changing. Pumpkins are popping up at a rapid rate everywhere.

My mind isn’t so much on trick or treating – it’s more – how would I change men, one man at a time, through spells?  I’d have a whole line of of men and sorted into groups. Each group would have their own role. One group would be sissies.

I know how sissies want to be women and I would make the whole lot of you women – permanently. Absolutely no escape. I’d have daily trances whispering into your ears over speakers in each of your frilly-lined bedrooms with satin sheets and closets full of women’s clothes and shoes. My spells would work wonders.

Another group would be a bunch of chastised men who worship everything about me. They are at my beck and call and just begging for me to enchant them more with my spells. These men would do the hard labor as I would send them out into the forest to fetch me ingredients for my boiling pot. Bubble bubble toil and trouble!

Yet, another group of men would simply worship my body and be completely in love with me. Making sure I’m taken care of day and night.

I have certain men like this in my life right now, BUT, spells would make it so much easier. On second thought, when you talk to me, how do you know I haven’t cast a spell on you already? Have you thought of that before?

Well, my black cat sits at my feet and my witchy hat is on all October long. Come into my lair. Fetch me my ingredients and let’s see what I can do with my trance spells. When you call me, ask me about it. I’ll make sure to let you in on it. 😉  Next stop on the blog train is Ms. Roxie getting her boyfriend to cuck himself.

Also – audios. I did a sample audio for Lexi – one of my favorite sissies where I was the prison ward. It’s short, but still so hot. http://eroticaudios.com/content/Cecilia/Eastern State Penetitary and Lexi.m4a

Have a witchy October!

Ms Cecilia