Finally, it’s here. And as I type this, it’s raining – but this is badly needed in my area as we haven’t seen a drop for months.  This summer, I plan on getting a new mic and audio software so I can start recording again. I still take scripts, but only scripts. I’m no longer going to take summaries – if I don’t get enough details on recordings, they won’t work and take me much longer to record. Details are better.

Communication is Key in the Phone Sex World

In my line of “work”. And I hesitate to call it that, but what makes it actual work for me is if you don’t communicate your thoughts with Me. I’m not here to play games or even claim on being a psychic. This is out of my skill set. I can be rather intuitive and feel you out, but, there will be times even then – I can miss the mark. When you make a call or a want an audio recording – it’s best to pull up your big boy pants and discuss with Me, or any other Mistress for that matter, what it is you are looking for. I have been doing this for many years so for me, I can rattle off about sex, cock, cuckoldry, and any form of domination …. all while saying the word fuck just drips off my tongue. It doesn’t faze me. For you, though, I realize it can be nerve-wracking sharing with a woman you’ve never spoke to before about the most raw sexual part of you. I’m patient, but to a point. After awhile, there has to be a part of you that has to get it out. No one else in your life will probably be there for you in that way. Take advantage of it.

I’m sure when you’ve perused other Mistress blogs and profiles, we always say “I don’t read minds”. Nothing can be farther than the truth. Again there are pyschic lines for that and good luck getting what you need in a sexual way from them!

Audio Recordings

As soon as I can, the mic and a set up is what I want. I’m aiming for higher quality if I can get it but it will take me time. I love doing erotic recordings and I’m on a mission to expand but for now, I have the set up I have. I’m a one – woman band!  If you have a script, I’ll record it for you now though. With the way the world is, and more people working from home, stuck at home, etc – I can imagine that this will be a continued service I offer – erotic audio recordings. I love them because they can really provide a lifetime of titillation. I know quite a few of my guys have quite an extensive library of audios from me! I was contacted not too long ago from a video game software company to do voiceovers but didn’t take the job, since they didn’t have the capitol.

If you haven’t sampled my voice, you can always find it at under my profile as well as all over the LDW sites, really. Especially in Just search my name in the forums.

Ms Cecilia