Nipple play – now  there is something I have never blogged about before!

How Do You Like Your Nipple Play?

If you got this far into the blog, then you must be really into nipple play, or you are curious about it. Some people’s nipples are super sensitive and love to have them played with. Mine are not.  There are other parts of the body that are sensitive to me, but that’s for you to find out later. What is important is that you incorporate your nipple play when and where you can!

How to Play With Your Nipples

There are a number of ways you can play with your nipples. One of them being just your own fingers and a little lotion, or going as extreme as nipple clamps. Some guys even like the sensation of having their nipples pumped up with a nipple pump. Also, you can do a little electro-stimulation with a tens unit. There are many ways to play with your nipples.

Do it Everywhere

You can lightly stimulate yourself by playing with your nipples anywhere. In a bathroom, on a phone sex call, on that long commute home in traffic. There are ways you can put your hand under your shirt and lightly play with your nipples. I highly encourage it! It can be a good tease until you can get to a place where you can masturbate. Call it the tease before masturbation. What’s really fun is if you get on a call with me and I tease you even before.

So if you like your nipples stimulated, then you can tell me on our call and I will be glad to include it in our sexy play!