Cum eating is one of those things: you  can either handle it, or you can’t.

Cum Eating is Not For Pussies

I’m telling you, it takes quite a “man” to eat cum, his or not.  Now, that might come off as a big of an oxymoron, what kind of man would eat cum period?  But here is what I have found: men who call me begging to eat their own cum will fail about 50 percent of the time by the time they have ejaculated. Because I am not there to physically make them eat their own cum, they puss out and freak out. Well, you have to be 5 steps ahead of the cum eating dreamer. You store it before hand. Plain and simple

How to Store Your Cum

It depends on how long you can store your cum, but typically, you can freeze or refrigerate your cream. I like to refer to frozen cum as cumsicles. Put it in a couple of ice tray compartments, stick a toothpick in it – and voila! Cumsicle. This is when you can call your Mistress and share in the cumsicle licking experience. This is when you eat your cum – WHILE you are in the mood for it. Or, if you prefer a more room-temperature cream, you can store it, get in the mood, call your Mistress – then put it in a wine glass, or a plate. Or, you can leave it up to your Mistress to make that decision.

Why Do You Want to eat Your Own Cum?

Psychologically speaking, this is a very good question. The answers I hear vary, but the more common ones are : “Because I want to taste other men’s cum so I’m trying to get used to it” or, “It seems like that is a very humiliating thing to do … “, to, “I am just curious”.  I am always asked how cum tastes. Cum eating is an art, and likened to adding spices to certain dishes, every taste of cum I have experienced with various men is different. Some are sweet, some are sour – and I find that smoker’s cum is the worst. In short, don’t smoke.