I am back!

Hello, Deviants! My trip of some needed rest turned into a sexual adventure that even had some kinky twists that surprised me that are too x rated for even this blog! But if you want to know, you know my number call, and we can talk about all of our super kinky fetishes and role plays.
I love sharing stories but more important I love hearing what is deep inside your head! Those secrets you masturbate to over and over again that nobody knows.  Come on I know you are eager to tell me how you try to get peeks of the girls panties in your office or perhaps when she bends over looking for something; you check her out. Next thing you know you are locked in your office masturbating.   This time, lock yourself in the office and call me and tell me all about it! I love hearing you tell me those secrets.
Keeping it fun and exciting remember its Phone sex, not signing a mortgage
Lately, some of you have been a little uptight. Not sure if it is holidays or year-end pressure but remember I am here to have fun with this.  All I ask is you can communicate clearly what you are looking for! Don’t worry I have heard it all and can roll with pretty much anything and help you fulfill your phone sex fantasy.  What I can not do is read your mind or play games about meeting you, because that won’t happen. But if you come honest and looking for fun we can have an amazing time and fulfill that sexual kink which will leave you with a smile and guilt-free to enjoy the rest of the day!
Don’t forget the great LDW tours and this whole month of December; we are offering 1-hour block calls at $125 and 30 min calls at $75. Come join in on the holiday fun!
Ms Cecilia