No more nudes in Playboy….Has porn taken a left turn?
How are you deviants?   The cerebral goddess is back! Remember, I’m not just a fetish and tease queen, pain inducer and professional cock sucking instructor but also the deep intellect of all things including kink and porn.
As many of you of know, and as many of you grew up with it, Playboy is no longer showing nudes in their magazine. The reason being, porn is everywhere on the internet and everywhere for free to the point that the art of a sexy beautiful woman is no longer the pinnacle of sexuality and rather has been replaced by, to some degree, obscene hold- nothing- back images and video.
I can tell you from fact that many of the over 35 guys love panties and lingerie and the secret of talking about them, how they love the feel of the different fabrics, the way they shape a woman ass, while the under 30 are more into the direct graphic nature of their fetish or kink.  The art of the slow sensual seduction is being lost in return for the instant gratification.
Phone Sex or Cam Sex?
In the video age, cam girls are everywhere! I have spent time pondering switching to cam girl so I needed to do my research.  I had my guy make cam calls as I stayed in background and monitored how it went and we also did some shows together.
What I discovered is, on the affordable side, most of the woman are camming from a distant land and sometimes the language barrier gets in the way, and they are not very skilled in conversation and/or the fetish at play.  Other woman are young with incredible bodies, but really just want you to pay and look at them sticking large objects in their pussies. Again, this works for a short time but not really satisfying the hard core fetish player building a fantasy.  The last group are beautiful, smart and creative and can weave an amazing tale are so expensive – most guys are limited to just a handful of minutes which is really not ideal for a fun long teasing session.
It was only then I realized the imagination and the ability to get into ones head is powerful. The story telling, the capability to control with words can only happen through the phone where the caller is not distracted on the scene in front of them.  I have degrees in psychology and creative writing so this makes your fantasy more real then just staring at an open pussy with a broken accent, even though even I get turned on by beautiful naked women.
In this digital age, I am keeping it fresh smart creative and kinky and making you explore the depths of your fetish by talking to me.  I love when a man can communicate their deep desires and fantasies to me. It enables me to create a session to bring to life with you and give us both a really satisfying call.  It is more difficult when you just say I am in bed, horny with a hard cock and no idea what you want to talk about. Remember, we are not mind readers so the more you share the better the experience is for you.
Looking forward to playing with you guys this week! I will be around most of the week on my usual times and might be on late Friday this week so if you can not get this kinky Mistress during the day  – look for me then.
Also, do not forget the tours I give in the great LDW chat room my schedule is listed above I look forward to giving you a tour of our amazing sites!