Hello My Deviants!


I’m back for calls today and the upcoming weekend, so be sure to catch Me. The trip I had was amazing and refreshing and I needed it. But, now that I am back, I’m looking forward to doing calls with you!

So I had an idea of writing some sexy, erotic fiction and posting chapters on this site. As a creative writer, I enjoy writing on such topics – but – I want to get some votes and feedback on what kinds of stories you’d like to read and perhaps I’ll leave some of you guessing as I end chapters on where it will lead. MAYBE I will even leave some options at the end of the story, and let you decide and vote on the twists and turns it will take. So, give me some ideas and thoughts and in the next few days I will post a poll at enchantrixempire, or leave your ideas here on what you’d like to read, then, I will come up with a saucy tale for you.

A tip for you on calling a phone sex Mistress: If you are calling me for the 1st time, or the 500th time, always let me know what you are thinking, into, ideas, or thoughts to jump start our conversation. I usually know who you are, and what you are into if you have called before, but, because, my little deviants – I may not know you jumped from cock sucking fantasies to cuckold fantasies over the past couple of weeks and I certainly don’t read minds! Being too general about why you want to be laughed at or humiliated does not help you or me, so, the more you involve your thoughts – the better outcome we will have in our call together. It just helps!

Also, many of you ask me of my schedule. I’m not one to adhere to schedules, however, the first week of the month I’m usually on a lot, and mid-month I’m on a lot. Generally speaking, I am here between the hours of 8 am – 8 pm EST most days. If you would like to make an appointment with me, please email me at cecilia@enchantrixempire.com and I will be glad to accommodate you in a reasonable manner.

So, please comment on the end of my blog about what type of subjects you would like to hear for upcoming stories!!

Ms Cecilia