Hello Enchantrix Empire Members!

Guess what?  If you are signed up at enchantrixempire.com – you get a FREE 10 minute call starting tonight at midnight, and ending Sunday at midnight. And guess what else too? I will be over at Mistress Ashley’s this weekend having a sleepover in general and you can have a 2 Mistress call for only $10 if you use the FREE 10 minute call. If you are not signed up at enchantrixempire.com, then go sign up this weekend to qualify! GO  GO GO! Do it …  Plus, don’t you want to have fun with 2 SEXY Mistresses?

In addition, Strange Sex Saturday is back tomorrow at 10 pm EST: www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679 and the one and only Masturbating Idiot will be on the air as I interview him. Tune in to hear from one of My dedicated callers! Also, kinky news, and all the announcements from LDW Land!

I will be around all weekend to take your erotic calls from Mistress Ashley’s house here in Las Vegas! It’ll be fun!

Thanks Happy D  – it was good to hear from you! Also, to smartass J, I’m talking to you too. You guys rock, and I adore talking to you truly.  Also, to my other callers who keep in contact with and help make my life SO much fun. You know that I watch out after all of you from afar …

Alright! Off I go into the shower and to get ready for a great weekend playing with Ms Ashley, and all of you other guys! Tune in tomorrow for My show at Strange Sex Saturday! See you there!!

xoxo Ms Cecilia