Some of you might have noticed I’ve been available later in the evenings as of late, and it will continue to be as such for awhile. I’ve just been sleeping in later in the day and becoming a night owl. So those of you who have wanted sessions with Me and can’t get in touch with Me because I’m not around at night – now is the time to do sessions with me!  So

Annyywaaayyy, I’m more of a night owl now… which might be good come summer with the heat – stay out of the Las Vegas hot sun, sleep during the day and be up at night. 😉

Now, again, I’m asking for scripts – so if you are reading this, it would good if you submit some to Me – say if you have any lying around that you’d like recorded!

I am going to be taking calls late tonight, so if you stumble across this blog, give Me a call and I will dominate your submissive ass allll night long!

If you have been wanting to ask Me questions, but haven’t caught me online  – please do so, and make sure they are session-related and we can get to know one another before you decide to place a call to Me. I will be looking for you tonight – so make sure to have your questions ready !