And so is your cocks – beeeccaausse my phone has been ringing off the hook! Seems all my subbies have been coming out to play lately – must be the warmer temperatures that is knocking the freeze off your cocks!  It’s been a lot of fun  teasing your cocks and feminizing you – (not all at the same time, but I’m sure some of your deviants would be into it).

Anyhow, I have some die hard fans, and I’m grateful that you have been with Me, some of you, for years! It’s been an absolute pleasure!   I do have room for a couple of more trainees – and if you are interested in some extensive training, and you seek long-term guidance – I’m the Mistress for you. E-mail me at for questions that you might have on this.

I had a great online session this morning that involved a bit of CBT and outright denial in the end. He sent me photos along the way of what he was doing – and I quite enjoyed the picture story!  It was a laugh riot to see the end result.

One of my sissies is progressing along quite nicely and will soon be sucking her first cock, hopefully. I so much love to watch people do what they actually want to do and fantasize about. This is a lot of what I do – keep tabs to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing – whatever that goal may be.  Whether you want to be a cock sucker, or dip yourself in a bath of jello pudding and masturbate – hey, so be it. That’s what I am here for.