Hello My Strokers,

I recently invented a new game and ran it by the Mistresses of cockcontrol.com, and they were thrilled to participate! Now, I have had a few players, but they have not been able to provide the right answers yet!  So, what I want you to do is go on over to this link:  https://teasemania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3557   and listen to the link on there.  Then, you must e-mail Me the answers to Me. If you get them correct, you can get a free 10 minute call with one of the participating Mistresses of the game!

So head on over and play, then e-mail Me at MistressCecilia@gmail.com.

Thank you’s in order to those of you who have spoiled Me for Christmas! I finally got My amazon wish list working right, and thanks to those of you who bought Me presents, and gift certificates. It is much appreciated! I have darling callers!

I’m wondering too if everyone is ready for Christmas?  I’m not, and haven’t even finished my shopping yet . I look forward to shopping in and around Las Vegas. And for all of you who have wondered – yes, it did snow here in Las Vegas, and yes, it’s already melted. In fact, I think the weather calls for 60 degrees here on Christmas Day!

So, My naughty little elves – I shall speak to you all very soon and give Me a call!

Oh, and stop by the Guess the Mistress Game!

Ms Cecilia