I just got back this morning from a weekend out with friends, and it was a good time.

Some thank you’s are in order for those who sent along gifts for My birthday! Thank you J for sending along the beautiful turquoise jewelery – I wore some of it all weekend – it’s my favorite! Thanks R for the spa gift certificate and Victoria’s Secret and all the other things you do for Me.  Thanks Happy D for the gift certificate for U-Haul to pay for part of my move  – that is VERY helpful!

So, I am back and ready to hear from some old sluts, as well as new ones. That’s right, you heard Me – I want your slutty asses to call Me so I can dig My long nails in to your soul and never let go. I won’t either. Nor would you want Me to, because I am your drug, and you need your Cecilia fix.  You need that humiliation, you are starving for that cock control, and you are aching to get into panties under My instruction.

That all being said, you will be hearing My voice again soon as I’m putting up new erotic audios this week and you’ll soon be salivating to that.

Also, if you have any questions about sessions or want to set up appointments with Me, please instant message Me at: mistress_cecilia_dominates on yahoo, or MsCecilia05 on AOL.  I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding sessions, or how you can become more addicted to Me. haha.