Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking on where to  go with Fabulous Fem Chat – and I’m thinking of giving it a break for now until further announcement.  In the meantime, I’ll get together more material and more ideas for the show and ways to promote it. If you have any ideas that pertains to crossdressing for the show, please e-mail Me and let me know at : cecilia@voxerotic.com.

As always, I’ve been having fun with a lot of my calls – and I appreciate everyone one of you who calls – I have so much fun with all of you.  I think lately, my favorite calls are the ones where I can really get to know you and how you think.  It’s delightful to find out where your fetish came from, or why you love cock control. Many of you tell me indepth stories of your personal life and while I am a phone Mistress – I do love hearing what’s going on in your lives. So many of you share – and that really is great.  It’s not always just about phone sex, it’s also about hearing your personal stories which I hold dear!


Other announcements: I am still moving to Las Vegas at some point this year. It will happen eventually. In the meantime, if you are interested in contributing, feel free to buy U-Haul gift certificates for me: https://store.uhaul.com/certificate/default.aspx?id=110

This is not a demand, just an idea 😉

Between the rental truck and the high gas prices – that’s going to be quite pricey. Hopefully, I will be able to set up shop in Las Vegas soon.

In the meantime, I’m still around to take your phone sex calls. Look for me. I still do take appointments as I’ve been asked, but sometimes I do take Tuesdays off or somewhere in the mid-week. Just make sure you discuss with me beforehand.

Ms Cecilia