Hello everyone!

Tonight on Vox Erotic radio with Mz Ava and Myself – we will have special guest Marcello. Check out his blog before the show tonight to get a better sense of what this sexy man is all about!  Also, we will have our special “Sexual Anthropology” advice section and much more,  tune in for our show at talkshoe.com under Vox Erotic Radio.


I am currently working on a new audio for the MistressAlwaysWins.com site – and for those of you who don’t know, that is a site dedicated to erotic audios, be sure to check that out as I’m sure there will be more of the ladies, including myself, who will be adding to it.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about a caller who called recently who told Me he was being severely abused by a “Mistress” whom was taking her job way too seriously and paddled him until he could not walk. Now, whilst this could be a complete fabrication or a fantasy – I tend to believe that he was telling Me the truth through comparing e-mails that was sent to Me and the story he told.  If you are so desperate as to settle for a Mistress who is going to abuse you to the point that you are unhealthy, I’m going to make you stop.  If your ass is black and blue, and you have health risks already – there is no point in continuing getting the living daylights beat out of you.  BDSM is supposed to be erotic, kinky and fun. It’s not supposed to be an excuse to get the shit kicked right out of you, or an excuse for man-hating women to take out a vengeance because she didn’t like that her last boyfriend cheated on her. Whatever the problem is – severe abuse should not be happening.  If I am doing the paddling, I am doing it until the color is a medium red – then I stop completely.

So have some common sense, for chrissakes.


Your Mistress with a Fucking Heart.

Ms Cecilia