Since the coffee scrub and the aromatic joy of it (see previous post), I decided to start expanding My coffee appreciation. Having never been too much into coffee because of the bitter taste, I recently set out and explored options. Since then, I have to announce I fell in love with caffe mochas. It seems the neurons in My brain are now synapsing better since My new found love. Now, My addiction to Starbucks has to be dealt with.

In other news, I’ve some new sexy audios for those who didn’t make it to the sissy school audio forums recently. One is Welcome to Sissy School.

I will be posting every week, but alternating in and in the audio section.

I have a new audio I will be recording today, and was written by a ghost writer. If any of you have the writing skills and the talent of dialog, please send Me your scripts. I can’t say that I will record it if I have to do too much editing. I am looking for sissy and cock control audio scripts alike. 🙂

An announcement I have to make is about My wishlist. I recently updated My address to send the gifts to the company, rather than My home. I was worried My address would leak out and would end up in the wrong hands. Not that I wouldn’t kick some major ass, but I don’t want to have to. I noticed someone bought Me a watch last night, and if I don’t thank you right away, it’s because the amount of time in which I start receiving gifts now will be a bit delayed as is finding out who got it for Me. Unless, of course, you tell Me. So, in advance, thanks to whomever bought the watch. Beautiful.

Something was brought to My attention recently with one of My dear submissives, and that was about the relationship of Dominants and submissives. Some of My subs like to keep in touch a lot, which, of course, I don’t mind. However, it’s hard to keep up a long ongoing dialog with the many hats I wear – calls, illustrating, recording, chats in the chatroom, etc. The subject came up that there wasn’t a place for him in serving Me. Oh contraire, My sweet little sub! There is always room for you in serving Me being that you understand that I can get busy. On any given day, I may get dozens of instant messages, e-mails and calls – and all have to be dealt with accordingly. As long as you are patient, and understanding, I will be the same with you. I always do what I can to make submissives feel useful to Me.

So don’t always despair, Ms Cecilia will soon be there (as long as you are respectful of Me.)

Until then, I’m off to Starbucks. Again.

– Ms Cecilia