Yay! Strange Sex Sunday is almost here – that means, we get to talk about the freaky-deaky fetishes that I so love to discuss. Mummification is Sunday’s fetish topic at 8pm EST in the community kink chatroom! What is mummification? Well, the first thought that comes to mind is the ancient Eygptian process after the individual is dead. But mummification in the BDSM realm is when you are alive, and you have the inability to move.
Mummification as a BDSM bondage practice involves restraining a living person’s body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe, or neck to toe, in materials like saran wrap, clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, duct tape, plaster bandages, bodybags, or straitjackets. The end result is a person completely immobilized and looking like an Egyptian mummy. They may then either be left bound in a state of effective sensory deprivation for a period of time, or sensually stimulated in their state of bondage, before being released from their wrappings.
Mummification is often used to enhance a feeling of total bodily helplessness, and incorporated with sensation play.

Of course, trust is a big factor with whom is wrapping you up – so don’t piss your girlfriend off before you ask her to wrap you up. Leave your nose or mouth open for air, and make sure some sort of communication is intact before the wrapping so you can give signals in case something goes terribly wrong.

More can be read in detail in Ms Claire’s blog.


Me and Ms Carmen’s Wednesday Fabulous Fem chat is taking a break until mid-July. We will be back then with some hot piping fresh topics!


In other news, the topic for Me and Ms Claire’s radio show has changed. The radio show will be called the “Fetish Zone” that will be featured on Cock Radio! Our first topic was going to be on WAM and sploshing, but we have since changed it to chastity. We are looking for e-mail submissions enlightening us on your experience with chastity! We will be, more than likely, live on the air for our first show. We are still working out kinks with the broadcasting system. I am also trying to get my own playlist up to a little bit of DJ’ing when I get the kink worked out. How I would love to tease multiple men on the radio at once ….. dream come true!!

Later – sexy bitches, I will hear your voices on the line today! xoxoxo – Ms Cecilia