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Are you into Cock Sucking?

Ah, cock sucking. One of my favorite topics.

Is Cock Sucking on Your Radar?

If you have been dreaming of it, watching it or actually doing it – then yes, it is on your radar. In fact, haven’t you heard the phrase: “You are what you think?”  It actually rings true for you even . . . → Read More: Are you into Cock Sucking?

Spring is for Sissies

Sissies seem to come out in full force during the spring. Not just sissies, either; cross dressers, too.

Sissies in the Spring

This is a time when those that wish to dabble in feminine clothing comes out quite strongly. The weather is getting nice, and in a few weeks, the need to shed the winter . . . → Read More: Spring is for Sissies