As I sit here, I’m going through my notes on who I talked to the past week. I often keep a notepad and pen on my desk and when I’m on the phone talking to you, I take notes. Just like a therapist would. I chew on the tip of the pen and look pensively at my travel posters on the wall of places I’ve been as you talk to me … which, I might add, you helped pay for.

In the past week, it must have been small-penis week – likened to “Shark Week” but tinier, and more hilarious.

Small Penis Humiliation and Why You Need It

Okay, not all men need it. But I will say this – if you are 5.5 inches or smaller: you need it. I always say my requirement is 7 or above for my own pleasure. It just feels better. I said what I said.

Those that come to me with their 5 inches and say : “Well it’s not that small”.    Yes. Yes it is. And to fool yourself into believing otherwise is ridiculous. A woman always determine what is big and what is small and what is going to add to her pleasure. You can’t make that determination.

This is why small penis humiliation is SO needed in our society. It’s to remind you of your place, and what women – the world over – truly desire and long for.

It’s too smack you off your high horse – so to speak and smack you with the sign of : YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE!

Small Penises Have Their Place Too

They are there to laugh at. And, I would say that if you were not born with the right equipment, you can be used for other things: servitude of all kinds, oral, pure entertainment because laughing at small dicks is kind of my jam.

Not All Small Penises Fall into These Fetishes

I’d say that most small penis dudes like to be teased about it to some extent. But, I’m never going to think that all small penis guys are into cuckoldry, feminization, forced bi or anything like that. Now – some are. So if you are thinking – well just because I want to be laughed at for having a micro peen doesn’t mean I want to suck cock – you’d be right.

But I am saying that a percentage – I’d say at least 25% fall into the categories above in some way – whether they want to be cuckolded, feminized and coerced into sucking cock – about 1/4 of you want one or all of those categories.

But if you are not into those other fetishes, then you should be useful in something – say, like, cunnilingus (god that is a hard word to spell) – or what are you even doing?

Small Penises and Why I Like Having them Around

If your small penis aches to find its home inside of me – well – that’s freakin’ laughable. First of all, I would never, and secondly, having you around so desperate like a drooling fool has it’s uses. My entertainment, like I said above, but also – dangling the carrot over your head because as I sometimes like to say “Well….. you never know ….”.   I mean, what if you and I got stranded on a desert island and it just you and me?

Would I get desperate for some kind of sexual stimulation from your little penis? I mean, would I get so sex-crazed that I couldn’t take it anymore and I’d do a hard eye-roll and give in?

Or would I have you craft me a dildo from the meat of a coconut before I even thought of bringing you near me like that?

Things to consider. And this is what I ponder over in the morning over coffee…..

Until next time,

Try to get bigger, I guess.

Mistress Cecilia