I’m on a new website via the LDW network! Yay! So for those of you who have known me a long time – you know that I’ve done many trance calls and have enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I just sold an audio this morning for a trance audio that I’m going to totally dig working on this weekend. It’s delicious and very kinky – a little ASMR, triggers and steamy seduction will soon be visiting his ears. Again. He’s a repeat erotic offender.

Masturbation Trance

So what is it exactly? Well you can check out masturbation trance here and read my new bio. This is with masturbationtrance.com.  It’s a little gem in the LDW network. This is where I can trance you to feel a certain way, do a certain thing but also lull you into a sweet fantasy. It’s where I do a deep-dive into your mind, body and soul and get to really know you. When is the last time that happened to you? For the most part, it doesn’t happen to most of us, and this is why I love offering this.

Not only that – if anything else – it’s deeply relaxing. Deeply relaxing with, or without, a happy ending. Whichever you should choose because hey, some guys love to be denied, what can I say?

Taking You Off To a Far Away Erotic Island

While dreaming up the bio, I thought of myself as a pilot. You’re the passenger. I’m steering the plane and I’m taking you where I want you to go – to a final destination. The final destination would be discussed prior to the final landing – but once I take the steers, you just sit back and relax and let me do the navigating. I always compare it to a lucid dream.

What Happens After an Erotic Masturbation Trance?

Besides you thinking of me all the time after? Well, it could go in any way. It all depends – I often times couple trance calls with other things like assignments, or working through a matter – for example – you might be afraid of a fetish you have (like crossdressing, or wearing a chastity) and through trance – I can help this.

Trancing will Make You Mine

Have you ever thought much about how a woman can literally own your mind? Oh yes. It is a thing. And it’s my thing. Your brain is mine. Your cock is mine. I love to dominate and control it and put it in a warm bubble bath and stroke it …… LOL. Yes, we’re talking about your brain and not your cock. But I really do look at cocks and brains all the same. To get to your cock, I must get to your brain first right? You see me through your eyes, hear me through your ears, then what? It goes straight to your cock in no time. See? Controlling your brain. Now layer that on with trance and we have a dangerous mix. But I love danger.

So with that – I shall bid you adieu, sweet, trigger-happy sluts. Tomorrow, I work on an audio about anal sex coupled with the trancing and he should be delighted. I’m going to get up, get some coffee on and turn on my blue ball mic (that’s what I like to call it because the mic is blue). It’s also very phallic-y. You’d love to see my lips on it – and hear my voice through it so keep that in mind. Got questions? Email me! I’ll get back to you at cecilia@encantrixempire.com

Hear from you soon and don’t forget to check out my new bio. Almost forgot, this is the audio I put on the site: Listen HERE.