Hey Turkeys!

What’s up? I’ve been rather busy – as always. I’ve been actively working and coaching through some gurls who have been wanting to transform more into a gurl and this is one of the things I do best. How is my approach to this? It’s a combination of things. I am a certified life coach so coaching does come into play to help you achieve your goals.  Secondly, I have a background in psychology and lots of that kicks into gear (even though I don’t claim to be a therapist, but I am an armchair one).  Third, I do trance to help you get over those jitters, remove any mental blocks that have to do with your “male” ego. I also shop with you and also train you in a very sexual, kink way.  Dildos, chastity, bondage – we can use this approach too in the integration of your sissy-dom. Or feminization.

Also – we choose a name – if you haven’t come up with one already.

Man, that male ego is a killer isn’t it? It often gets in the way and disrupts any work your feminine side is trying to do. This is where my Mistress skills come in. I’m the male-ego destroyer. How? Trance. Berating. Erotic Audios.  Oh yes – ever got an erotic audio from me before? This is something you can listen to over and over again and listening to this can certainly help destroying the male ego if this is what needs to be prescribed.

Can you handle all this? Some can. Maxine is one. I’ve been working with her for years and it’s been a pleasure. This week alone, we’ve done an extensive dildo-fucking session. She got waxed – legs and chest. Shaved her face. She got a pedicure with hot pink nails. Today, she is going to the mall to get a foundation make-up match and some perfume.

When I say I hit ALL the senses, I like to hit all the senses: smell, tactile, visual, and even what you hear. Not to mention, what I do to you in between your ears.

So if you are ready to get straight and complete training from Me – I’m here and I have a little bit of room to take on a couple of more for this type of training.

All My Love,

Ms Cecilia