To Connie. Connie graced me with her presence last week and was a very good girl. She told me all her kinky sissy secrets and wore panties for Me all while giving me some nice tributes. I also loved the way she put on nipple clamps and just made the conversation delightful and fun!

Mistress Pandora and Her Box

Obviously, my name is not Pandora but I do have a box of secrets. Not necessarily my secrets – but yours. You see, every time you call Me or do a text session with Me, I get to learn about you. ALL about you and all about your kinky secrets. And I hear everything because you spill it. Now I have used trance on those who are too shy, or need a little bit more prying of information. It’s all so very helpful in getting you to relax. But once I hear all your secrets – they are mine. I keep them in my box and I bring them out to use them.

The Kinky Secrets

What kind of kinky secrets do I hear? Well, a lot about crossdressing, and that stranger you met in the bar and sucked his cock in the parking lot or how you rented a hotel room and met up with a bunch of guys. A lot of you are married and have girlfriends. I actually hear it all. How you want to be cuckolded and how to get your wife to participate in that. So what to do with those secrets? Well, for starters, I now own you. You’ve safely put your secrets in the box – but now I know everything. See how that works?

I Love Your Secrets

Your secrets are why I am here. It’s what I live for. I love to hear about all the stories I can to further my knowledge on how kinky you really are. There’s something very intimate and intense about sharing these things and I definitely share back. Let me know what it is you are not telling anyone else …