As per the title, yes, it was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Thank you to those for your tributes, gifts and all the wonderful things I received. I appreciate it so much!

On to other news:

Trance Calls Are In Focus This Summer

I just got off a trance call a bit ago for submission and feminization and it went so well! I’ve been offering this at LDW for a very long time which has given me a chance to really hone in my skills, etc. Now keep in mind that I do audio trances too. So one of the common questions I get is – what can I be tranced for? Who calls you for trance calls? You’d be surprised how broad this topic is! I’ll break down some of it for you:  stress-reduction and relaxation. Some just want to ESCAPE. They don’t care what it is, just trance me and take me away. I do that and don’t mind being the soothing voice on the other side.

Feminization: to tap into the feminine spirt. To transform you, train you and get you over your fears of coming out.

Cuckoldry: To accept it better, to want it more, to be brave enough to go through with it.

Cock-sucking: Getting over the stigma, the fear, turning fantasy into reality.

Lucid dreaming: To experience a fantasy as if it’s happening. Through trance, you can be in a place and time experiencing what it is you want to experience. Think of it as a teleportation into a dimension you’ve always wanted to be in.

To be more submissive: I get this request far more than you think. I’d like to blame egos because for some men, it’s incredibly hard to LET GO and LET A WOMAN. Just let a woman take over.

To become MORE of x, y, z.  I’ve heard this too. Trance me to make me more feminine, more gay, more submissive, more addicted to pantyhose or insert your fetish here.

So your assignment is to think about what you want to be tranced for. Then, contact me for a session or just call if you’d like.

And remember – just LET A WOMAN do her bidding. 😉

Mistress Cecilia