Hi everyone!

For those that are closest to me, I moved across town here in Las Vegas. In a better location so all is good! Now I’m all ready to rock and Im back in action. So just a reminder – I’m back for trancing sessions, customized audios and phone sessions. Don’t forget about text sessions as well.

So now – I’m in a great location here now and I now live a few minutes from the strip, and close to anything that matters here.

Plus, I am setting up my sound studio for audios right now. 😉

Unusual Fetishes for Phone Sex Calls, Erotic Audios

I just got off a call with a guy who has a balloon fetish, and I welcome most of all legal fetish conversations. I find them refreshing and love that you feel comfortable to share this with me. I do know that lots of you have absolutely no one to share this with. And if you try, it doesn’t always go the way you want it to. So that’s where I come in 😉

Custom Audios are Back in Business

I’ve already had 2 requests for custom audios my first day officially back. So if you are interested, you may email me about it and check out our erotic audios site. Then, we can discuss it or you can send me a script. Then BOOM! The magic begins.

I’m also back for calls as I’ve been gone for a week with the moving nonsense, but Ms Cecilia is back with a BANG.

Ms Cecilia