I’ve been a pretty busy lady these last few months as I have rolled out a new service and am now offering it to LDW. I have become a certified Life Coach and have married both that and the BDSM world. How? I’ll tell you.

Life Coaching and Healing

Many come to me confused. Confused about why they cross-dress. Confused as to why they are attracted to men – sometimes this has been with them long-term, or, it is something they recently discovered within themselves. Hurt from a cheating wife or girlfriend and now suddenly attracted to cuckoldry is also a trend I have witnessed. The feelings of guilt and shame are usually what is destroying their sexual spirit. I’m here to say, it’s time to accept who and what you are. As I am not a clinical psychologist, I am a life coach AND can provide the tools necessary in order to get you through to that self-acceptance and happiness to be comfortable in your own skin!

Self-Acceptance in a Still Male-Dominated Paradigm

The 1950s are way in the past. So why is it we still are in a mindset that men should be men and women should be women? It takes generations to get rid of a thought-concept. Technology, fashion and trends can change daily. But, it’s the thoughts that are stuck from old past paradigms that STILL plague us in 2020 is what is holding us back. So how can this be changed? Well, to put it simply, it starts in the mind. Every invention, every trend, every thought about how we should behave as a populace and gender – all started in the mind. But you don’t have to follow that trend.

Action Steps to Change

What I am offering is simple: life coaching for steps to change and accept who you are, and to live life how you want given you are not hurting anyone. Also, re-programming your mind via mantras are also a good way to train yourself and I can provide the training for you.  Many of you need to be told it’s okay. And indeed, it is okay!

Don’t worry, I still do the kinky role-plays, and the domination instruction. I still do chastity play and sissification and feminization and all that delightful stuff. But if you see my vision – I’m trying to get you to accept who you are via ALL these things.

Exciting changes are happening – so stay tuned.

Ms Cecilia