Mistress Delia and I have been very busy Mistresses recording and getting new content up. We have been quite busy recording and controlling all of you. So what is new? Well we have a new chastity recording: https://eroticaudios.com/content/Delia/DeliaCeciliaSubconsciousChastity30secTeaser.mp3

A Case Study: Chastity

Whether you own a chastity or not, you can still be chaste. How? You can mentally do it. Especially with our help. Our audio and sessions can help with that. So recently, I had a call where I did just that – a trance to help him “think” he was in chastity and it lasted throughout the week! He truly thought he was unable to touch himself. He kept calling, and he did get a text session saying he was VERY frustrated.

Why Should You Try Chastity?

It’s all about energy. Have you noticed the more you masturbate, the more lazy you become? That’s right. That is what happens. And when you don’t masturbate as much, you get more done and your focus is sharper. The Chinese believe in the energy chi, and so do I, especially when it comes to trapping that cum in your balls! I’m laughing, but it’s very true.

So you should try chastity with me, or have me or Mistress Delia trance you into becoming a mindless chastity zombie for us. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Mistress Cecilia