Well hello everyone!

I am back and better than ever, and Mistress Delia and I have teamed up to team-tag you in some fresh new content, audios, and two Mistress calls that will blow your mind. So what are we up to?  We have been busy Mistresses recording audios and teasers that center around trance, programming etc and we have done it all together!

So if you love erotic audios, and you love trance and programming – then we have a treat for you. Plus, we are going to continue to be busy with this!

This is our bimbo training teaser:

The full audio is for sale at:

Sissy Bimbo Training

Trance Audios and Two Mistress Calls

So what we have decided to do is different programming trance calls and audios for you. We are going to be touching on ALL kinds of categories, and so far, we have already done edging, chastity and a girlie one too. Here is our edging teaser that will be coming to the audio store too!


Soon to come is our chastity programming audio!

Why Trance and Programming?

Some submissives have mental blocks when it comes to training or achieving their goals. Ir some just find the process of trancing very erotic and relaxing. It’s a great way to unwind after a very long day! Plus, having the benefit of two Mistress programming you is double the trance, and double the fun.

About Mistress Delia and Mistress Cecilia

We are both of the same intellect, eroticism and passion – which is why we have decided to team up together to roll out this whole new program for you. What we have is delicious and sensual, erotic and trancing, relaxing and sexy. It’s the perfect combination. You can read Mistress Delia’s blog here.

We look forward to playing with you!

Mistress Cecilia

Programming and Trance Audios by Two Controlling Mistresses