How has everyone been? I’ve been so busy this year that I have been unable to blog much. So for my fetish freaks, what have you done this year to indulge? Have you?

Why Having a Fetish Makes You Intelligent

Let’s face it, vanilla sex is okay but it makes it so much better when you have a fetish to accompany that sex drive, right? I just got off the phone with a guy who is so much into the pantyhose fetish that I was able to really get him to focus and meditate on it – to the point of pure control. He was a zombie and I find this to be a good thing. But I do feel that if you have a fetish, it makes you more imaginative, and in my opinion, more intelligent. It shows you have a good working sexual imagination.

What to do with that FETISH?

So what do you do with that fetish? Well, you can always stifle it, try to forget about it and be miserable. OR, you can relish in it. Personally, I’m not a big advocate of you pushing it back or trying to forget about it because guess what? It’s not going away. So why not enjoy it?

Where I Cum In

Im the Mistress that you call when you want to really get messy with your fetish. Where you want to delve deep down, head first, into that ocean of kinkiness. This is where I come in, and this is what I do best. I like to open up the lid in your mind and see what’s going on in there, then I extract it and play with it like putty. I leave you begging for more. See how that works?

If it’s been awhile since we spoke, let me see how you are doing and if you’d like for me to get deeper into your mind – let’s do it.

Ms Cecilia