Sissies seem to come out in full force during the spring. Not just sissies, either; cross dressers, too.

Sissies in the Spring

This is a time when those that wish to dabble in feminine clothing comes out quite strongly. The weather is getting nice, and in a few weeks, the need to shed the winter coats and boots.  Dresses and shorts are out and all the things that are super feminine come into play. So, where do I come in in such a scenario?  I know I am premature in my timing with spring, but it will be here before you know it. I’m here to help with the wardrobe.

As a Mistress

I’m here to push your boundaries. I’m here to make you realize that you should be dressing up because you have been dreaming of it for so long. I want to push the envelope and I want to make you realize your own fantasies and dreams by making them into a reality. How? By making you buy the things you’ve always wanted and actually WEAR them. That’s the only way to make your erotic fantasies a reality.

Shop it, Wear it, Feel it

If you shop for it, you should wear it. And you have to actually GO into a store to do this. This is where I come in. I encourage you to do this. I walk you through it. I tell you to go into the shops. I want you to experience this. I want you to actually feel the material and if necessary try it on.

If you can get through all this, next stop – sex toys! Sissies always need sex toys and this is why you should always be trying to evolve yourself and move to something more exciting.

Mistress Cecilia