Cum eating is a delicacy that many guys would love to embark on, but a lot of you guys chicken out.

Cum Eating: What’s the Fascination

I get many calls in a week where guys want to eat their cum, and then back peddle when the time has come. I understand that it’s a turn on for you at first, but after you have ejaculated, it’s no longer desirable. It still fascinates you, though, and you so badly want to try it. How do you make it to where you eat it while you are still horny?

Why do you want to eat your cum so badly? Did you see it on porn? Is it because it’s taboo? Do you secretly wish you could suck a cock and drink his cum? Every potential cum eater has a reason for why they want to give it a try.

How to Make the First Step

First, you have to taste your precum during a phone sex call. This gets you used to the taste of what is to, ahem, “cum”. If you really need motivation to get this far, talking to a Mistress can help you feel encouraged to do this. Once you are talking to a Mistress, go ahead and collect your cum in a cup and put a lid on it. Next time you are horny and you are thinking about eating your cum, you can call one of us Mistresses and we will be happy to force you to eat it. But if we say to do it, you must do it.

From there, it’s limitless. You can go ahead and drizzle it on food like ice cream or fruit, and you can sip on it as you talk to your Mistress. How do you want to take your cum? It’s something you should really feel inspired to do.

Ms Cecilia