Chronic masturbation is not as fun as it sounds like!

A chronic masturbator just might need help from a Mistress.

What is the Definition of Chronic Masturbation?

A chronic masturbator can’t help themselves. They are masturbating at breakfast, lunch and dinner and the snack breaks in between. I always tell my chronic masturbators – it can’t feel good. The pleasure is gone after so much masturbation! So what is it that you can do about it?

Find a Mistress Pronto

Just like you need a doctor to cure what ails you, you need a Mistress to control your cock. It’s as simple as that. There are several ways to do this – but first, you must be ready to hand over your cock to a Mistress. I have many that have, and many that are under my control. Many have decided to give their cock to me so I can put it on a shelf as a trophy.

Options to Your Cock Control

Chastity, honor system, guided meditation, tease and denial – there are many ways to tackle this issue. Chastity is a good way to get the most control you need. You just have to buy the device, and some plastic numbered locks. This is how I keep track that you have been a good boy and you’re tampering with your chastity device!

Why Should You Give Up the Cock?

Think about how it will feel once you have given up control, and when the time comes and you get to cum – it’s a really nice ejaculation high. When you masturbate too much, it dulls the senses. When you slow down and have a woman control you, it certainly makes your orgasms much more explosive. This is one of the main reasons you should give up the control! Not only that, you are more focused, more attentive and able to accomplish things when you aren’t sitting around stroking your cock all the live long day. That should be enough for you to want control!

I definitely look forward to controlling your cock. Slut.

Mistress Cecilia