Summer sissy school is the best education for sissies. Why? Keep on reading to find out.

Why Summer Sissy School is the Most Challenging

The details are what makes it challenging: more bare skin, more challenge. When summer hits, gone are the coats and the stockings. Everything that would cover your skin is now stuffed away in the closet. It’s now time to show off those sissy skills you learned from sissy school!

Now In Session

Sissy school is in session and we are teaching you ways of waxing, shaving, and applying your summer make up. Don’t forget also – your nails. Those gloves are now somewhere at the bottom of your closet and now those fingernails are needing a serious manicure! Let’s not forget the pedicure as well – it’s sandal season. Do you see all the things that you need to do? That’s why we are here!

Summer Make Up

Summer make up is light, glowing and sometimes glittery, depending on where you are going. Sometimes putting on make up lightly can be the most challenging. How much is too much? Well, to give an example, your cheeks should look like they are sun-kissed. Too much mascara and eyeshadow could also run too. So it for sure is a fine art!

And the Fun Part

Once you got that summer look going, it’s time to be sexy. Whether you are a lesbian or not, you need to find a partner. If you love cock, I’m also the girl you can talk to about boys. It’s fun flirting and going to clubs and being your girlie-self!

So if you need more help with your sissy summer school, be sure to look me up!

Mistress Cecilia