What a fascinating topic, right? Public humiliation. What does that even mean?

What Do You Do During Public Humiliation?

Public humiliation can literally go anywhere, or mean anything. It depends on how you perceive it. It can be risky behavior and I try to make it to where you are not going to get arrested. I don’t include anything that would be immoral or harmful. Always a game of figuring out!

I like to make guys go to strip clubs, or adult book stores to do things. Perhaps shop at a lingerie store where you have to admit to the lady that you are buying panties for you. All potential dirty places where you can humiliate yourself. I have sent humiliation junkies to all these places. These places is where it’s most expected for you to be humiliated in the first place!

Examples of Dirty Deeds

Ah, the strip clubs. It’s a great place to go for all sorts of public humiliation. One of which is if you show up with a chastity device on and you can’t even feel the pleasures of a lap dance because you have a shroud of plastic or metal around your cock. Or what if you don’t have a chastity device on, but you have panties on? Then she reaches down and feels that itty bitty cock of yours and laughs in your ear. I won’t even go into what can happen in an adult bookstore…

So if you are looking for public humiliation, look no further. I got this.