We all need a little sexual guidance sometimes don’t we? Of course we do! But what does a Mistress like me mean by sexual guidance?

How Sexual Guidance Over the Phone Helps

Many come to me with many issues centered around their sexuality. You name it, I usually hear about it. I always have said that phone Mistresses are like armchair psychologists because we do listen a whole lot. Often times, we do come with our own advice to dish out especially if that is what you are seeking.

So How Can I Help You?

Service with a smile. It’s not just you who serves us. We serve you too by directing you on which way to go. No, we are not submissives, but we do give you a direction. The subject matters I hear most about our: cuckoldry, cross dressing, coerced bisexuality, or bisexuality curiosity, and chastity. Also, I do get lots of sessions covering what to do in an actual BDSM situation.

We are Experienced Mistresses

Mistresses are definitely apt to give sexual guidance in the realm of BDSM, or really anything sexual since we are already practiced Mistresses and know a lot about what is going on in the world of BDSM and many fetishes. We can certainly guide you, and don’t forget – some of us are good at doing guided meditation and are able to help your mind adapt to things you are struggling with.

Any questions about anything I just mentioned? Be sure to ask me! And if you don’t know what guided meditation is all about, I’d be happy to explain.

Mistress Cecilia