I always wondered why some people love to relish in humiliation of themselves. As a Dominatrix, it’s something I would never enjoy. So what about humiliation is so fascinating?

Why Humiliation?

Humiliation, I finally figured out, is all what some fetishists have. For instance, if you have a small penis, or you’re bad in bed – you know this. The only way to get any kind of attention from a woman in a sexual way is through humiliating means. It really is the best way to get attention, right?

So What Kind?

Humiliation comes in all forms. The most popular seems to do with small penis, coerced cross dressing, name calling, coerced cock-sucking and the list really does go on. Maybe even being told to flash your small penis to a group of girls is humiliating enough for you. If I am missing a not so obvious humiliation fetish, tell me what yours is!

How I Love to Humiliate

I have to say I love to humiliate in all forms, it’s kind of what Mistresses do. I am partial to SPH though. There is something so hysterical about small penises – especially the guys who are in denial about how small they actually are! I think that is the funniest…

And I so love to look at small penis pictures too. It really cracks me up how small some of you are. If you are in any kind of denial, you should send me a photo of your small penis and I will be sure to let you know that you are NOT as big as you think you are!

So let’s see it and let me know how you love to be humiliated. I’d love to hear all about what makes you tick and what you fantasize about! Talk to you soon!

Mistress Cecilia