I’m taking an erotic vacation starting tomorrow for just a couple of days. Perfect for the cuckold.

A Cuckold Vacation to Remember

It’s been some time since I have been able to get away. All work and no play makes Mistress Cecilia a very dull girl. I’m going away with my guy to get some spa days in, but also to fuck, fuck, fuck. I can not wait. So how does this involve you sweet cuckold? Well, all the cuckold junkies who call me can now imagine what I will be doing for two days. Having good dinners, getting spa treatments, drinking wine and oh yes, getting such awesome sex from a great lover. You can always sit and imagine how that is going for me while you stroke your pathetic cock.

What Else Can You Do?

Well here is a little assignment: while I am going, be sure to look over my erotic audios and pictures. Get an essence of who I am. Next, read some of my blog. Then, imagine. Imagine what it is like while I am having great sex. Imagine what that would be like to witness. Wait for me to come back and ask me how it went. Yes, cuckold, I know you can’t wait. This is especially good for sissies who seriously want to know what’s it like to be with a man who has never been with one before. It’s truly a sexy thought.

What Kind of Submissive Do You Want to Be?

This is also a great time while you wait for me to come back to think about the submissive you want to be. Do you want to be an obedient one? Of course you do. Most importantly, do you want to be a cuckold? A sissy? Or, while I am gone, why not lock yourself up in chastity as you eagerly await my return. I will be back on Thursday. It would be very erotic for you to do so. your cock just aching, waiting for me.

Talk to you then!