I had a guy who thought being homosexual is wrong on the phone the other day. In fact, he partly “blamed” me, tongue-in-cheek, that I had something to do with it.  He wanted me to somehow reverse this in him. Really?

What’s Wrong with Being Homosexual?

Absolutely nothing! Most guys who call me who have an issue with it are married and are seriously grappling with the fact they are utterly obsessed with cock. If anything, Im only going to encourage you more because this is something you should have been doing a long time ago, and it’s clear that you won’t stop thinking about it.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I do guided meditation with you to further what I feel is already lurking in your mind anyway. Since I did this with a recent caller of mine, he called to have me “reverse” it. Bitch, please! You can’t reverse what was already hiding in your mind anyway! And I wouldn’t even call it hiding so much as it was already there, he had told me about it and we focused on that.  So, five days later, he calls back and wants to not be homosexual anymore. REALLY? You can’t reverse that!

Embrace It

Instead of fighting it, embrace it. In fact, I say this  to all of you who try to fight me about it, or fight yourself by who you are. Karli Ann, I’m also talking to you. If you are a sissy cross dresser, don’t try to be a man tomorrow – it’s not going to work! You are who you are so you should not be fighting it at all. Nor arguing with me. You’ll get punished.

Be who you are and don’t fight the kinky that lurks in you. If you like cock, you like it! It’s okay to be a homosexual. Now look in the mirror 20 times and say that to yourself. You really do need to realize who you are and what you are meant to do.