Erotic audios are a great treasure that you can keep forever.  Ever ordered one?

Why Erotic Audios

Many people love my voice. It’s sexy, it’s confident and it’s the bomb. Really – have you hear my audios? If not, go up to my audio page on this blog and take a listen. Just yesterday, I got an order for an erotic audio that I will write up for someone, and, will record. He will have it forever and he will love it. And it really is a gift to yourself that you can listen to over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love phone sex calls because they are intimate and live, but when you are alone on a subway, car, train, plane – it’s really a great little thing to have to make your day more interesting.

How to Order

Go to and select how many minutes you want. Then, contact me and ask me if I am available to do the order. You can provide a script, or you can ask me to write one. Now, if you ask me to write one, I am going to want details about what you actually enjoy. If you are unable to provide details, I can’t record your audio – end of story. Depending on what is going on, I can usually turn around the audio in a week, but if things get backed up – 2 weeks. Nothing like blue balls waiting, right guys?

Oh Yes, They are Powerful

I send the .mp3 right to your inbox, and boom. Instant erection. You are taken down the road to the fantasy you love. You can even go to sleep at night with it. Also, keep in mind, I do guided meditation for everything kinky and erotic. In fact, I, myself have audios on my phone from those that do meditative-trance like stuff and it is really amazing. I can do the same for you.

Contact me for more details on this if you wish!

Mistress Cecilia