I’m Mistress, nothing else. There is a reason I like to be addressed as such because I have put a lot of time in to the art of Domination. I have studied it like it’s a degree. So calling me “baby” is really not an option when you call me.

Why Call a Mistress

Well if it isn’t obvious already, the reason for calling a Mistress is to be dominated. This is important if you are submissive as those feelings of submissiveness never really go away. You were born to serve – simple as that.

Pet Peeves

As I mentioned above, I hate being called “baby”. If you call as an alpha male trying to control the call, we are going to have issues, straight out. So before you make that first call, make sure you investigate the Mistress profiles thoroughly. Also, say good – bye when you end the call. Hanging up abruptly is super rude. If you are going to call your new Mistress back, be sure to be polite. We love our polite submissives the most.

You Didn’t Call Ms Cleo

Communicate. It’s important. You didn’t pick up the phone to call a bogus psychic. I can assure you, if we don’t know you well, we are not inside your brains. And we suck as psychics.

Other than that above, I usually have no issues.

I’m strict, but also laid back all at the same time. I think that my guys that call me a lot probably sense this.

If you have any questions prior to a call, email us! We email back and try to keep in communication!