Denial can be approached in many ways. But it is important to realize what denial is in the term “tease and denial”.  Most guys think that means they can still cum….

There is Denial There For a Reason!

If the term denial is there in the phrase: “tease and denial” – to us Mistresses, it really means not letting you cum! There is no wiggle room on this. Unless you say to us “tease and cum”, then we will flat out deny you. But why wouldn’t you want to be denied? Prolonging the experience can be so satisfying (well, not at first, but when you DO finally cum).

Many Ways to Approach

This can be approached in a variety of ways. I can lock you up in a chastity device, or simply use the honor system, but with that comes a great amount of trust on your part! Could I trust you to actually not cum when we are not in session? Also, do you like a more mean Mistress or someone who is more sensual about denying you. As the title states: denial with a sweet smile…

What is the Point?

So what is the point of all this? It’s simple. If you sit around and masturbate way too much, it’s going to fizzle out – the feeling of that explosive orgasm. The point of prolonging your ejaculation is so that it feels amazing. Masturbating too much can desensitize your cock. So whilst you might think your Mistress is being mean by denying you, in actuality, she is really hooking you up for a great future orgasm. If you ever get an orgasm again, that is. 😉

Hit me up for training in this. I can show you how good it feels to prolong your orgasm and you’ll be thanking me for it.

Ms Cecilia