Chastity is a great way to relinquish control 120%. Have you tried it? You should!

Why Chastity?

It’s a great way to give up control and build up a relationship with your Mistress. Think about it, for most guys, your cock is your most prized possession. If you give that up to your Mistress, you are certainly giving up a big portion of your life. That is powerful. Very powerful.

What Kind?

There are many kinds of chastity devices to try with different materials. CB 6000, bird cage and many others are available to choose from. As well as silicone, metal, plastic, etc. It depends on your comfort level, and it depends on how long you are going to wear  it. Silicone is the most comfortable there is if you are going long term.

Keys and Locks?

This is a very common question. What kind of locks are used? Here at LDW, we like for you to use plastic number locks. Why? We don’t want you to have to mail the key to us, and if you snap a picture everyday of your lock – we will keep you accountable. It’s all about making sure you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and that you are not sneaking out of your chastity device for  quick wank!

Here at LDW, we also have cock control programs that you can enlist in to make sure that you are are getting daily email assignments, and that also includes calls. Being owned here means really being owned around here and we take our jobs as cock controllers seriously as well as having a lot fun!

If you have any more questions about chastity, email me and I can guide you through and answer some questions.

Ms Cecilia