Queening – if you have ever had a call with me, you’ll probably remember I sat on your face – if we went through.

I so enjoy using you as a piece of furniture, and the bonus is – you have a tongue!

Queening Brings Me Pleasure

And it probably brings you pleasure too if you really think about it. Some of my callers absolutely get off on the idea of being queened. They also like the idea that I would text my girlfriends or talk on the phone while sitting on you. Can you imagine?

What is Queening?

If you have read this far and still don’t know what queening is, I’ll educate you. Queening is where you are my throne, and I sit right on top of your face where your mouth is. Typically, you work your tongue to break me all kinds of pleasure, and I simply do whatever I want whilst sitting on you. Sound fun? I think it is.

Why Do I Love it?

Sure, you could go down on me in a traditional way and that would be fun. But it’s a power trip for me to put my weight on you and sit on top of your face making way for you to worship my pussy. It’s why I do it in the first place, it’s a way to get you to worship me the way I want.

So what do you say? You know you want my sweet pussy on your face – most guys do. And I haven’t even begin talking about the smother box yet. That is like 3-D dimensional queening. Wait until you check that out!

You might just be building yourself a smother box after you have the opportunity to have a woman sit right on top of you.

Talk to you soon, Mistress Cecilia