Humiliation – I love humiliation. There are all kinds though, but I have to admit my favorite type is sph!

What is Small Penis Humiliation?

Well it’s obvious in the title, isn’t it? I love to make fun of little cocks. They are very fun to make fun of because they kind of look like little worms popping up from the ground, and that is somehow supposed to make me feel satisfied? Are you kidding me.

If you have a small penis, you need to be excluded out of the fucking society altogether. There is no reason for you to even be sticking your little pen in the ink well.

Do You Enjoy It?

Do you enjoy humiliation? And why do you? I always like to hear reasons for this, of course. Another type of humiliation I enjoy is public humiliation. Especially if you are in a hotel room and I make you stand in front of a window, or maybe venture down to the ice machine to get some ice while wearing nothing robe, or wearing panties, or something scandalous like that.

Other Reasons

There are a lot of reasons for humiliation, and I do know a lot of them. But, sometimes you all surprise me! I will sometimes get calls and you will want to be humiliated in a way that I have never heard of before. Although, believe me, I have heard many types of humiliation calls!  One such type of call is sploshing (where one rubs all kinds of food on their body) etc.

So, if you love humiliation, I love to humiliate and laugh at you. Give me a reason and I’ll giggle at you all day!

Not only that, humiliation can be quite therapeutic and a nice escape for you if that’s what you are looking for.

Look forward to humiliating you more …. Ms Cecilia