Mistress Day is coming! So save the date on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

What is Mistress Day?

For every completed paid call you do your name will be entered into a drawing. We will randomly select from all those who called to receive one free call the equivalent to their longest call done during Mistress day up to 60 minutes.

Event will go from 12:01am – 11:59pm on February 13, 2017

The more you call the more chances you have to get your name entered in for the drawing!


Why You Need Us

So speaking of Mistress Day on February 13, have you ever thought of why you need a Mistress? Control. It’s all about control. You are in control all day long at your job, at home, with everything. The most common thing I hear is just that – I’m in control of everything. The reason you need a Mistress it to yank some of that control right from underneath you! Usually in a sexual fashion.

It Feel Good to be a Submissive

It feels good to relinquish that control and tell a woman – here, you have the reigns. When you do relinquish that control, it’s important to tell her how you like to be controlled. Yes, you do have a say so and it’s very helpful to a Mistress to tell her how you like to be controlled.

Looking Forward to Having you Be My Submissive

I’m looking forward to February 13! It will be fun to play with all you and see who wins. If you have any questions about a  phone sex session with me, email me at cecilia@enchantrixempire.com.