It’s that time of year again …. Halloween! It’s my favorite time of year when all the cross dressers start coming out, and girls start dressing super sexy in their Halloween costumes. Me included! This year, I think I’m going to go as a cat all in black latex with the latex boots, ears and tail. I’m gonna look so hot!

So, what are you going as this year? Or are you doing something sexy? I would love to hear all about it!

Also, this election year is CRAZY!!! If you need serious stress relief from it, I’m the girl to go to to help you escape because lord knows I need to get away from it!

I’m asking for a call for scripts for audios. I’d like to start recording again, so if you have scripts to send, I’d love to record them and put them up on the forums for others to listen to. It would be so much fun! Please email me if you have ideas at!

I’m all ready to record again with a brand new mic.

I’m here for calls all weekend, including Halloween – but on Halloween night I am not going to be here as I will be out showing off my latex outfit.

I would love to hear from you!

Ms Cecilia