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Hello everyone! Welcome to another addiction of Mistress Cecilia’s blog. Lately, I’ve had some great calls where I’ve been able to do prolonged teasing and denying… do you think you could handle that? Do you believe you’d be able to go for 30 minutes without cumming, listening to this voice – edging and edging? Some of you might be able to, but, I’d make my bets that most of you wouldn’t…

So for those of you who would rather go the chastity route – the ultimate tease and denial,

I have recently discovered a new chastity device called evotion wearables. And it works very well! It’s lightweight and not made of metal so it’s quite comfortable to wear according to some of my chastity slaves! So you can go to to check that out.

I think chastity training can really help in sissy training as well in some cases – what do you think?  Especially in feminization where you are not supposed to think of your cock in the first place! Smothering your cock in panties while it’s wrapped up in a cock cage is truly the way to go. You shouldn’t be thinking of your cock anyway!

If you would like to ask me more questions about my sissy training, cock training or both – be sure to email me at, or, stop by the chat room to take a tour and ask me questions there too. You can find my schedule on the top of this blog under LDW tours.

Have a great week everyone, and I’ll look forward to locking you up!


Ms Cecilia