I woke this morning and was having a fantasy of wearing some really sexy black satin panties and smooth tight fitting black silky nightie.  I imagined being in a suite of a really nice hotel in the middle of a major city with office buildings all around.  I slowly crawled up onto a table to the window on all fours then had my humiliation junkie get behind me and start to licking good.

All this was going on in the middle of the day while people right across the street were in a meeting and could look right into the window and see me getting my ass worshipped.  They would see me all in ecstasy moaning and shaking on the table and yes my humiliation guy with his all over me - worshipping me, just the way it should be.

I am really in the mood for some wonderful humiliation calls and fantasy today.  Are you into dressing up for me perhaps showing off to my girlfriend what a good sissy slut you are?  Or a good cocksucker who just loves to be humiliated with that big thick load of cum on your face or my favorite, being my cuckold having to stroke as I get fucked by a big burly man with a perfect cock?

I have some thank you’s in order! Gary for a nice tribute, and Mike for the very generous Amazon gift card.  Since my styles change and I buy things on my own whim then forget to update my wish list, I will be taking it down and just put up Amazon gift cards which you can send electronically to my email….. I never know what I am in the mood for at the moment perhaps something during our phone sex fantasy will spark an interest, and I will get it always to remind me of our sexy call.  I also love tributes! Who doesn’t like to get spoiled with cash?  This is not required, but I always get asked, so again, thank you.

I will be around this week after last weeks rest and relaxation that I needed; I need to freshen up so I can be creative for our fun phone sex calls.  Call me or we can set up some creative text sessions if you want to make your tease last through the day while stuck at work.  Lastly, check my schedule for tours!

Also for the cocksuckers:

What color can you reach?

What color can you reach?


Ms Cecilia